Roaring Twenties Series – Book Review

Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I’ll be the voice behind Pleasures and Pretties. I’m not all too sure how to start a blog, if I’m supposed to write an introductory post or not… so I thought I’d just jump right in!

Sonething I’ve been wanting to talk about recently is the Roaring Twenties historical/paranormal romance series by author Jean Bennett. I’m absolutely in love!


(Books courtesy of my local library.)

These novels combine two of the best things: the 1920s and paranormal romance. Not many things can make me feel giddier than a great paranormal romance, but flappers? Be still, my heart.

Flappers and bootleggers? Mediums and paranormal activity? Egyptian myth and Chinese folklore? These are definitely a few of my favorite things.

If I had to pick a favorite novel of the three… it would be whichever one I’m currently reading (which happens to be the last one, because I couldn’t put these books down). The author does a fantastic job of reeling you in, investing you in the story, and before you know it you’re rooting for good to triumph over whatever supernatural evil has befallen them… and of course for the hero and heroine to work things out between them so that they can live happily ever after.

And oh my heavens, the clothes. After reading these I have a fierce desire for Mary janes, delicately beaded dresses, vintage fox fur… 1920s flapper style is a serious obsession of mine. And Chinese kimonos. I would love a beautiful, hand sewn kimono. Not gonna lie.

Buy these on amazon, download them to your Kindle, request them from your library, find yourselves a copy and read these! You won’t be disappointed.


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