Wishful Wednesday ~ Robes!

I can’t stop thinking about robes. It’s a wonderful feeling to come home after a long day of work, get undressed and slip into a warm, comfortable robe. Especially during these cold winter months. My robe is an old (older than I’d like to share) robe of my mother’s. And I decided last night that that simply won’t do anymore. There’s something less than wonderful about wearing a scruffy old robe that used to belong to your mom… at least, in my humble opinion there is.

Which means shopping! Retail therapy! Having to search for the perfect robe in a sea of boring choices. I actually went out today to three stores and found absolutely nothing. I’m guessing the robes used to hang where the work out clothes now are… Sad face. But this just meant I got to do some online shopping, which is a lot more fun anyway.

This Shirley of Hollywood robe was one of the first robes I looked at… I definitely have a soft spot for leopard print, although I only have three things in my wardrobe that are that print. A pair of flats, a purse, and a brooch. But I could definitely feel good about adding this robe to the collection!

This Bettie Page Motel robe is so ridiculously cute! I love that print, and I have such a soft spot for anything with a pin up’s name on it. It’s kind of a problem, but really the opposite of a problem, because I love it.

This Betsey Johnson robe I discovered on Amazon looks like the perfect robe to wear while eating Sunday brunch. I don’t know why, I just see this robe and some orange juice, mimosas, bacon and eggs, maybe some cinnamon rolls…

But all these cute robes I found were way out of my price range. I’m a girl on a budget, and sticking to that budget is the number 1 priority. So the Monsieur started helping me search, and he had the brilliant idea to get on Target’s website to see what they had. And lo and behold, I found my robe!

Here is the world’s smallest picture of that robe, because for the life of me I could not get a bigger picture. I got the fur trimmed multi floral robe from Gilligan & O’Malley. I thought there would be a fierce battle in my mind between the leopard print robe and the multi-floral. But the leopard robe was out of stock, so floral it was! I’m very excited for it to arrive. (And that price! You can’t beat that price!)

And because I am a huge fan of frivolous lingerie, I leave you with this beauty….

The Deluxe Black Feather robe… Oh lawd. I’m in love!


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