Sick Day Survival

I’ve been stuck in bed these past two days, running a fever. Dealing with fevers always scares me, and trying to stay comfortable is difficult. Taking cold and flu medicine makes me high as a kite (I have to take half the dosage, or else I trip out).

So what have I used to keep myself as comfortable as possible while fighting this flu?


Tea, and lots of it. I can’t stop coughing, and the throat tamer tea is delicious and very soothing on my sore throat. I’ve been using my current favorite mug, a pink one with carousel horses all over it. Cough drops have been an on and off thing, because I’ve slept a lot and I don’t like falling asleep with choking hazards in my mouth. But when I’m awake, they are nice.
And I can’t recommend the off brand Alka seltzer enough. That has really helped to keep my fever down without giving me an unpleasant high. Combining a feverish brain and drugs… just not good.
And of course, a book! I’m currently reading a two part novel by Madeline Hunter, The Seducer & The Saint. I would honestly have to say it’s pretty meh, but I’ve only just finished the first story, The Seducer. The other one could be better, who knows?
And there’s one of my amethyst chunks as well, I keep two by my bed as well as a quartz point, to ward away nightmares and other beasties. Fever dreams definitely count.

I am hoping to be better tomorrow, because no one likes spending the weekend stuck in bed…. and tomorrow is the library book sale!! This only happens once a year, so my attendance is imperative. I can’t miss it! Wish me good health!


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