Library Book Sale!

I’m still sick, unfortunately. Body aches, coughing, sneezing… but no fever! And I forced myself felt well enough this weekend to go to the library book sale at the fairgrounds! I went for about an hour both days, and I came home with so many goodies.


There’s a view from the top of one of the boxes I brought home… they had sealed boxes of fiction they were selling for $3, so I brought home one box the first day… 2 boxes the next.


This box is actually the first one I brought home, on Saturday. There are so many goodies in this one! I was super excited when I opened it.


And this is the 3rd box! I have yet to see that Chocolat movie, but I’m looking forward to reading the book. I do enjoy both Mr. Depp and chocolates.


And look!!! Stacks and stacks of paranormal romance! More vampires and werewolves than I know what to do with! If you think I’m ashamed of this obsession… you are wrong. Come to me, creatures of the night! 😉

I also brought home a huge box of romance books, there’s at least 50 books inside this box, and I paid… $7.50! The deals were seriously amazing, per usual. I’m interested to see if I actually like any of the romances in that box tho, a lot of them were very old 80s Harlequin novels and some secret agent/navy seal/marines romances… which who knows, maybe they’re great! Although I have to be honest, definitely prefer the undead. It’s the Goth girl in me. She can’t help it.


And check this out!! The Monsieur found this box set, I’m so excited about it!! Myths! Legends! Vikings! Vampires!!

Oh library book sale, you’re better than Christmas. Now I just need to find places for all these new books.


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