Pumpkin Bread is for All Seasons

I know we’re in the last week of February. We’re in the season of Imbolc, and the last holiday celebrated was Valentine’s Day. Most people are looking forward to St. Patrick’s day and getting drunk as sin. Easter is just on the horizon, unless you’re a retail store and then it’s apparently already here.

But none of this matters. No, not if you think a delicious breakfast means delicious, rich bread. Not if you, like me, wish we lived in a world where it was always a crisp 55 degrees, with the wind blowing dying leaves down the streets and rustling the bare branches, where the moon is always full and orange and smiling. Where black cats frolic in the shadows and black lace skirts and striped tights roam as far as the eye can see. A world of perpetual Halloween.

If that is you, grab your broomstick and your wooden spoon and make this pumpkin bread! It is moist, rich, and delicious. It’s also super simple and the prep time is minimal. It does take a full hour to bake in the oven, but if you’re busy reading then that hour will fly by. This bread makes a delicious breakfast!

Check out Samhain Pumpkin Bread on allrecipes.com!!


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