Dallas Curiosities

I have been busy! I’ve spent the last week doing research. Lots of research. Jack the Ripper, Victorian England, circus sideshows…. lots of research.

And I spent time planning a trip to see my very close friend, who is currently serving his 6 year sentence in a federal prison camp. We went and saw him yesterday, after not seeing him for 9 months, and the visit was so wonderful. I’m counting the days until he is released, hopefully to a halfway house and then back home to OKC.

Afterwards, since visitation is over at 3, we had time wander around Dallas. And my goodness, what a city. They have a trolley!! I wanted to ride it, but didn’t really have any reason, since we were driving our Cube.
Lots of beautiful buildings, tons of historical sites, and there is street art everywhere. I would love to spend an entire weekend down there, wandering the city and exploring.
We stopped in to two different curiosity shops. The first one we went to was CuRiOSitES, where I purchased a gold lion’s head brooch and a teeny tiny bird skull. I had a lot of fun browsing around that store, and it is the first shop I’ve ever heard play Fever Ray. I met this guy while I was there.


Outside of that store, I saw a young woman sitting on a park bench, eating some sort of treat, and sharing it with her rottweiler. It was an adorable site, and I spied on them for a shamefully long time.

The second store we went to was Dolly Python, and my goodness what a place. They had a huge selection of vintage clothing, cases and cases of beautiful jewelry, and dead things. Lots of dead things. I am now the happy owner of a skeleton pendant, hand carved in Tibet from bone, and African porcupine quills. Owning some porcupine quills has been a goal of mine for a while now, and I’m very happy to have them sitting in a glass jar on the mantle.

Here are some pictures of my new treasures!


I had to take business cards, obviously.


I hand picked that little skull, from a glass tray of about 20 others. He was my favorite.


I’m very excited to make a necklace with that skeleton pendant. I’m thinking something bold, gaudy, and powerful.


My porcupine quills, in their new home!

Dallas, I’m excited to spend time with you again! I hope to be back soon!


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