This month has been a month of preparation. The Monseiur and I leave for California on Saturday. I’m very excited… or I was. At this moment, I feel unmotivated and off. Slightly depressed.
We’ve spent this whole month preparing. Cleaning and packing and being so overwhelming excited I could barely concentrate. Now that it’s almost here, I feel stressed. Like all the pressure is on me to finish up, get everything done, make sure it’s all perfect so our vacation is absolutely 100%…perfect.
And all that stress and pressure makes me not want to do anything. So I’ve spent this past weekend laying around the house, wearing my comfy robe and stressing about everything I’m not doing. Drinking tea and feeling guilty that I’m getting absolutely nothing done. It’s very counter-productive, this stress, guilt and laziness.
And I’m realizing I just need to let go. But that’s much easier said than done. The vacation will arrive, it will be wonderful, and I will {hopefully} learn from this.

Here’s some shots from my weekend:





Here’s to better mental health! Thanks for reading. 🙂


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