The Day After…

I had been meaning to post earlier, much earlier than this. I had wanting to talk about my vacation and how great it was, the books I’m reading, and lipstick, but it kept slipping my mind.
As happy as all those things make me, as much as I love to talk about them… today isn’t the day for that.
I’m so confused, upset, and quite honestly scared by what happened yesterday. I don’t understand the kind of hatred required to kill our fellow human beings in cold blood. I can’t understand why some people believe that everyone should live the way they want them to, and if they do not then they should die.
It feels like the whole world has turned upside down. I can’t imagine the pain and loss the family’s are feeling today. I can’t imagine the terror the survivors are experiencing, and the long road to recovery ahead of them. I can’t understand the hateful messages I’m seeing coming from churches and pastors that call themselves the “light” of the world. There is no light in hatred.

Today is a day for prayer, for mourning, and for action. Donate to the Red Cross. Give blood. Find out what you can do to help those in Orlando overcome this violent, hate-filled act. And beyond that, stand with the people in your community. Let them know that you are there, you believe in their rights as human beings. That you will stand with them.

This was an attack against an entire group of people simply because those people identify as LGBT. Because of that, someone decided they deserved to be shot and killed, some held hostage, some wounded, all of them subjected to true terror. I can’t understand this. These innocent lives were stolen because someone decided they didn’t agree with who they were. These people did nothing wrong. And they were killed for just being who they were.

I think, besides the strong urge to contact all my loved ones and express how much I love them, I feel the need to tell myself and everyone else: don’t give in. Don’t be afraid. Be yourself, no matter the cost. It should never come to what happened in Florida, but I’m sure if you were to ask any of the victims, they would not regret how they lived. They wouldn’t regret being their true self. They would do it all again. I’m very sure of that.

Don’t let the hatred and the fear keep you from living life the way you need to live it. Be who you are, no matter what. Stand for what is right, stand for your true self, and I will be there standing with you.


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