Legend of the Four Soldiers Book Series by Elizabeth Hoyt

Do you like tragedy, romance, suspense, mystery, and war stories? Then you should read this series.

I started with the first one of the series, To Taste Temptation, and I was hooked. This book introduces you to the overarching theme in all 4 books, so start with this one. I read each one in order, and my favorite story by far was, unsurprisingly, the Beauty and the Beast tale called To Beguile a Beast. I don’t want to go to into it, because then I might seduce you into picking this one up first. Don’t do it! Read them all in order!

Each story has a different fairy tale about a different soldier that it follows, as you follow the “real” soldiers and their stories. The mystery is a good one and isn’t solved until the 4th book, which I enjoyed. (But of course every couple gets their happy ending.)

If you’re lucky like I was then you can get these straight for your library to your Kindle. I read them back to back over the course of last week, finishing the 4th one this morning.

I highly recommend this series, I think any fan of historical romance and a fun mystery would enjoy these!

Thanks for reading!

xo Elizabeth


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