Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau

This book was an absolute treasure to read. Martha’s extensive research into the elusive Marie Laveau was a gift to my spirit.

Marie is such an interesting historical character. She had obvious power that no one wanted to admit she had. She spent her life dedicated to people, to her community, and to the preservation of life.

I have a strong fascination with the American South, and a deep love for it as well. I spent a week down in Alamaba a few years ago and I think I left a piece of myself down there. If I can return to the humid swamps of the South one day and stay for good, I will do so gladly. This book reminded me of everything that I love about the south and the tragedy that enthralls me.

If you enjoy strong women, obscure religions, the American South, and the magic of the unknown, you will enjoy this.

xo Elizabeth 


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