What drives you?

I was thinking that I needed to post a blog today, but I wasn’t sure what I would share. There’s a lot I could talk about! But as I was writing out my Libra full moon journal this evening, a passage I wrote stuck out to me. I knew that was what I needed to share, to publish here so I could continue to refer back to it whenever I forget.

“I can do and learn anything I set my mind to. Even knitting. Even homesteading. Even shooting, and butchering chickens. I can take care of my self. I am celebrating this return to my soul’s purpose. So much of the “biz” and entrepreneurial world is driven by money, and the hustle, and earn earn earn, at the expense of time with loved ones and real life. I’m driven by soothing bird calls, and the squawk of chickens pecking the ground. The sound of water dripping from the hose, the wind rustling the trees. I am driven by the buzz of the bees, the feel of bread dough squishing in the palms of my hands, the crackle of the fire as I sit and read. By the aches in my limbs and the tiredness in my body, but the blooming contentment of my soul. By the sorrow of death and the need for food and nourishment, and the joy of new life and rebirth. I am driven to return to the simple things in life. I do want a business, I do want to make and sell jewelry, and of course I want to write… but those are secondary. I am not driven by paper or numbers or anyone’s idea of what success should look like. I am driven by my need to live the way I desperately must live.”

My homesteading adventure has begun… I fell in love with the lifestyle 5 years ago while visiting a friend’s land, and the desire to finally pursue the lifestyle has hit me again full force. It will take time and effort… but I know it will be worth it.

Thanks for reading,

Xo Elizabeth 


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